Of all inventions, the bicycle is among the most extraordinary. Evolving from its origin as a plaything for the wealthy, the bicycle provides a means of recreation, an efficient mode of transportation, an apparatus for sport, and even an instrument of social and economic justice.

One of my earliest memories is my red and white trike, summoning the courage one day to venture with it to the end of my parents' driveway. Shortly after progressing to a bicycle, my dad made the solemn decision to remove the training wheels, and within a few minutes I had discovered the magical freedom of cycling. In adolescence I rode my dream bike everywhere, and suffered the heartbreak of having it stolen. The next discovery was the beauty of the classic road bike.  During graduate school in Florida, the thrill of watching the comeback of one of America's great cyclists while exploring a wealth of bike paths fueled something of an obsession.

Today I am primarily an urban cyclist, riding fixed gear in the close and unpredictable traffic of New Orleans. I also enjoy the great tradition of randonneuring, and am a member of Crescent City Randonneurs and Randonneurs USA.

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